Personalized Guitar Lessons

Learn how to play your favourite music on guitar.


It's my mission to provide guitarists with the tools to express their personal musical preferences.

Hi, I'm Elliot - guitar teacher in Amsterdam.

What I like most of all about teaching guitar are the moments where it 'clicks'. A student can do something on the guitar that they couldn't do before.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced musician, I will help you step by step to reach your musical goals.

Every person is unique, with their own learning style and preferences. For each student, I develop a tailor-made lesson package, where we look at your musical preferences, abilities, and strengths.

In the lessons, I focus on learning the "language of music". You will learn not only to replicate a piece of music, but also to actively master and understand it. This enhances your creativity and flexibility, and makes playing music together more enjoyable and a lot easier.

My goal is for you to not need me anymore as soon as possible and to be able to continue independently! 

How it works


Take lessons whenever it suits you. Choose a fixed time or set an oppointment when you feel like it.

Book your timeslot easily via the website.


€149 for 4 times 30 minutes.

€229 for 4 times 60 minutes.

€59 for a single 60 minutes class.


No boring lessons. I'll definitely teach you stuff from books when it's necessary, but the focus will always be on learning songs you like.

What others are saying:

I came to Elliot because I wanted to learn fingerstyle guitar. I would highly recommend him. He provided value beyond just teaching technique. He frequently gave me insight into why a certain way to play something (a chord, for example) sounded better than other ways to play the same thing. This is stuff you typically don't get from books.


I've been doing lessons with Elliot for the past two years. He's great at setting up a plan to make sure you improve and is really accommodating with helping you learn the specific style of guitar that you're interested in (I'm learning jazz from him at the moment). I've really improved a ton since starting the lessons, highly recommend!!"


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, a trial lesson is the first step to improve your skills.